Epson L210 Paper Feeder Error- How to solve?

Paper feeder error in Epson L210 is one of the most common issues reported by many people. Not just with this specific model, feeder error is a nuisance in every model and brand. And, as there are numerous causes accountable for paper feeder problem, it becomes quite a complex task to get rid of the error.

In order to solve this issue in your Epson l210, you will need to verify the following points in your printer. Verifying these points is most likely to eliminate paper feeder problem in your Epson L210.

Start by removing the stack of paper and then follow these steps:

1.) Make sure that the paper you are using is not wrinkled or torn.

2.) Also, ensure that the paper is not too old, too thick or too thin to be used for printing.

3.) Check in case the paper is exceeding the arrow mark inside the edge guide.

4.) Also, make sure that the number of sheets loaded in the stack is not more than the recommended limit for that specific media.

5.) Always load the paper correctly and keep it on a flat surface away from any sort of dirt or debris.

6.) Check in case any ink cartridges is empty or running low. Replace them immediately.

7.) Always load the paper as per the instructions that come with the paper pack.

8.) Prefer using new, smooth, high-quality papers that are not curled or wrinkled at all. Also, check whether you have selected the right settings and the paper for the media.

9.) Fan the paper stack before you load them in the printer. And, ensure that their printable side is in the right direction.

10.) No paper should be jammed inside the paper. Carefully remove any jammed paper, dirt or debris from the printer.

In order to fix paper jams, open the printer cover and get rid of paper carefully. If the paper is torn or its pieces are stuck in different parts, try to be as cautious as you can while removing them. Keep the printer cover back to its position. However in case the paper or its pieces are found in the sheet feeder, you will need to push the paper feed roller lever (located inside the paper feeder) forward to loosen the jammed paper and ultimately remove it.

So, this is how you can try to fix the paper feeder error in your Epson L210 printer. You can also contact on Epson printer technical support toll free helpdesk number, they will give you instant solution.




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